What you need to prepare your individual tax return

What you need to prepare your individual tax return. In order for us to complete your Individual tax return in a timely manner we need you to provide (where possible) everything required when you meet with us. The items required will be for the financial year in question which will run from the 1st July of the previous year to the 30th June of the current financial year. We have compiled a list of the items that may be required to complete your individual tax return, it is unlikely that you will need all of the items listed, this list is intended to be used as a guide for items that you may need.

Items that may be required to complete your Individual Tax Return

  • Bring all 'PAYG Summary(s)' or 'Income Statement(s)' provided by your employer(s) .
  • Obtain and bring details of any 'Bank Interest' that may have been credited to your bank accounts during the financial year.
  • Bring any 'Dividend Statements' for dividends paid on shares held by you during the financial year (normally 2 dividends are paid each year). If you do not have copies of Dividend Statements bring your SRN/HIN number and the names of all shares that you hold.
  • Details of any 'Motor Vehicle expenses' incurred by yourself along with a log book outlining your business usage, or a notebook containing dates, details and work kilometers travelled.
  • Details of any 'work related travel expenses' along with a travel diary if required.
  • Details of costs for any 'work related protective clothing, compulsory wear uniforms or corporate wardrobe'.
  • Cost details for any 'self education' related to your current employment.
  • Cost details of any 'other work related deductions' (eg. Union Fees, Subscriptions, Professional Associarions etc)
  • Loan statements for any loans and other costs relating to any 'income producing investments'.
  • Details of any 'other costs' that may be tax deductible (eg. Income Protection Insurance, Donations to Political Paries etc)
  • Copy of 'Annual Health Insurance Statement' for each person if you hold private hospital insurance.

Rental Property Costs - Bring these items to Appointment

  • Monthly rent statements issued by real estate agent
  • Annual statement issued by real estate agent
  • Copies of loan statements showing interest and account fees for the entire financial year
  • Rates Notices
  • Water Rates Notices if property is in an area that issues water charges separately from rates
  • Insurance invoice for the relevant year, of if paid monthly a list of the monthly payments made
  • Invoices for any repairs carried out
  • Invoice for any pest control
  • Invoice for any fittings purchased for the property (eg. hot water system, ceiling fans etc)
  • Details of any 'Motor Vehicle Costs and Kilometers traveled' if you have used your car for rental property travel (eg. inspections, repairs, cleaning etc)
  • Details of any 'travel' if you property is not local. We will need details of the days that you were away and the days that you were engaged in rental activities while you were away.
  • If new peoperty you may need a 'Building Depreciation Report' from a Quantity Surveyoe, please contact us to clarify if you are unsure about this
  • If new property we will need details of finance/borrowing costs as these costs are usually written off over a five year period