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Coronavirus response from the Australian Government

Coronavirus response from the Australian Government. The economic Coronavirus resonse offers support to households and business. Its designed to support business manage short-term cash flow challengesThe Coronavirus has presented a fast evolving and significant challenge to global health systems and economies.

The Government has acted decisively in the national interest to support households and businesses and address the significant economic consequences of the Coronavirus.

The Government’s economic support package of $259 billion represents fiscal and balance sheet support across the forward estimates of 13.3 per cent of annual GDP. Direct fiscal measures are equivalent to around 6.9 per cent of GDP.

The Government’s economic support package has provided timely support to affected workers, businesses and the broader community, and has kept Australians in work, and businesses in business.

These actions have put a floor under the economy during this extraordinary time, and have set the foundation for a strong economic recovery once the Coronavirus crisis passes.

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Click on the following Australian Government Treasury link for more information - Government Coronavirus Response

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