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  • COVID-19 effects on rental property owners deductions?Rental property owners along the rest of the economy have taken a hit to their bottom line. In this uncertain time, the ATO has provided some guidance on the deductibility of rental property expenses in various situations such as tenants paying reduced rent or the suspension of rent.

  • Have a rental property or thinking of purchasing a rental property.

  • Investment Properties - a guide to investing in real estate Investment Properties - a guide to investing in real estate.

    Stuart Hunter of Hunter Partners Accountants is hosting this seminar that attempts to cover the process of, and issues faced by real estate investors through the process from acquisition to the eventual sale.

    In our role as accountants we often come accross areas where clients have made innocent errors that have had a negative impact (sometimes serious) upon their tax and financial affairs through a lack of knowledge. By holding this seminar we are attempting to provide information about many of the traps investors face so that the attendees do not make these errors going forward. By lifting investors general knowledge we are encouraging them to be aware if they are getting into an area that may have tax and financial consequences, this will enable to call their accountant (if they are not sure what to do) and will then prevent them from making an error that potentially may have serious consequences.

    The seminar covers the issues that need to be considered in the period leading up to the initial real estate acquisition through to the eventual disposal of the real estate investments. These issues cover how real estate should be held, borrowing considerations and tax issues surrounding the eventual sale or disposal of your real estate interests.

  • No deduction for holding vacant land, major building defects exceptionThe building defects saga that’s happening all around Australia has understandably caused public uproar and forced state governments to act. It is unsurprising then that this issue was at the forefront of the Federal government’s attention when it decided to enact an exception to disallowing deductions for holding vacant land.

  • Hunter Partners have recorded some presentations that cover areas of interest of many of our clients. If you have any queries relating to these presentations, call us on (07) 4723 1223.

  • What expenses can I deduct for my holiday home?The ATO is on the lookout for holiday home owners who may be over-claiming their expenses. Where a property is used partly for private purposes and partly to earn rental income, it is essential to identify what proportion of the income year is attributable to each use.