104LowValueGoodsComplianceDid you know from 1 July 2018, GST will apply to sales of all goods to Australia. The previous $1,000 low-value threshold will no longer apply and those businesses that meet the $75,000 registration threshold will need to register, charge and remit GST to the ATO. This applies regardless of where the business is based.

095HomeIsWhere TheGSTIsWith the real estate market hotting up for another year, many home buyers will turn their thoughts to newly constructed residential premises or subdivisions, but a recent Bill introduced may increase the costs and complexity of such purchases.

051TakingTaxForARideThe ATO recently released figures on the gap estimates for a number of taxes, including goods and services tax (GST). For GST, the 2015–2016 trends showed a slight increase in the theoretical GST liability estimate. And while compliance levels are quite stable, there are a number of taxpayers who remain under scrutiny. We take a look at who the ATO is watching.

032WhoPaysGSTOnNewResidentialPropertyThe issue of paying GST in relation to the sale of new residential property can be a complex area which continues to present challenges. Here we put the spotlight on recent proposed changes to GST on property and the implications for developers, conveyancers and purchasers. Currently, GST is included in the purchase price of a new residential property and it is the developer who pays any GST.